La Masera Farm:

Winemakers for passion – Erbaluce DOCG

our childhood dream…

As children, in that age when one imagines to become an astronaut or a football player, we used to tell one another that it would be nice, one day, to produce the Erbaluce Passito, this “magic” product that was part of our folk tradition and that, on autumn evenings, our grandparents and parents used to take us to see and taste.

Many years have passed, each one of us has been making his path, both of family and professional life, but one day we met to talk about our dream again: as if nothing had changed, with the same light heartedness with which, many years before, we used to build our projects.

And we realized that the time to make our dream come true had finally come.

And so, with passion, tenacity, commitment and a lot of fun, we gave birth to La Masera. And today we like to think that a little bit of our passion and energy can be found in our product… that some trace of our dream can reach people choosing to taste our wines…

We make wine

Erbaluce Autoctono D.O.C.G.

“We used to oberve our grandparents waiting all year long, fearing one of those summer storms that could destroy the whole harvest … but finally, the last sunbeams delivered those beloved, strong native bunches to the ritual grape harvest: the Erbaluce or Albaluce, as in ancient times we were used to calling them. Today, in the same way, with our project we try to replicate those ancient gestures to give new life to that wonder of taste and inner search that springs out of a Settimo Rottaro Erbaluce Passito glass …”

years of winemaking

hectares of vineyards


bottles produced




Since ancient years, this native grape variety was cultivated on the steep sides of the hill, favored by a unique territory. The first production dates back to the year one thousand, when, it is said, there was a strong demand for the so-called “Greek wine”, rich in alcohol, sweet and strongly aromatic. Following the market requests, the Piedmont vine-dressers, second to none, started to produce a new kind of grape variety, exactly called “Greek”, among which we find the Erbaluce. 




Our plantations, pergola and rows, are included within the Erbaluce Caluso DOCG area; winemaking takes place in a professional cellar situated in Piverone, in the province of Turin. The processed vine varieties are: Erbaluce (native grape variety), Barbera, Freisa, Vespolina, Neretto, Nebbiolo.

We open our cellar
to visitors and enthusiasts

Our wines

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